Beautiful Modern Farm House Escape Game

Beautiful Modern Farm House Escape
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This once green farmland had now been reclaimed and was turned into a luxurious villa. The villa underwent a lot of things just for the claim of the place, but eventually it was cleared and houses were now constantly being built there. The houses in the area are absolutely luxurious, some could not afford the lot and that's why only a few can buy land there and construct houses, still there are already built houses in the area so that buyers can save-up from the construction of such houses. That day, Freddie was in the place for he planned to buy an already finished house so he can admire the area of its fresh ambiance, but Freddie was to experience something else there though and it's not going to be good unfortunately.

Freddie got lost in the villa and at first he was good for he was still looking for a house which he likes, but it went too long though and still he couldn't find his way back to the exit! Soon it will get dark and he doesn't want to bother residents there, he'll do this himself but for his case escape players, you will be playing as him. Will you be able to find the way out of the area as quickly as possible?

Beautiful Modern Farm House Escape is the newest point and click area escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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