Amazing Garden Escape Game

Amazing Garden Escape

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Gail's garden really blooms beautifully even though it's not summertime, that's because it has a secret and only Gail knows about it for it must remain a secret. The garden has this very strange magical properties and when Gail first found-out about that, she instantly got concerned, but because she researched extensively why the place was so she began to understand. Her garden had been enchanted even way before medieval times, it only goes silent when nobody of good heart takes care of it. It so happens that Gail has that good heard and the portal to a very beautiful place once again opens.

Gail's garden got even more beautiful that's because the portal to an even more bigger magical forest had been opened once again there. Gail didn't know how big the place was and when she entered, she never prepared for it, and in the end she got lost in the place! Gail had no idea how to return home for the vegetation was thick enough to block paths and she couldn't see what's ahead at a specific distance. Gail needs to get herself out now while she still doesn't have bad impressions about the magical place, will you help her out escape players so that the situation won't get worst?

Amazing Garden Escape is a brand new point and click magical wilderness escape game released by 365 Escape.

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