Boutique Girl Escape

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Philly owns a boutique shop here in the city and usually her business is thriving, but at the moment she only has one customer and she is a woman looking for a dress for this celebration she will be going to. Because Philly has nothing to do anyways, she’ll help the woman find the best dress.

After a few minutes, the woman found what she liked and she wanted to purchase it then. That was quick business, but when she was about to leave the shop however, she noticed that she can’t open the door and when Philly tried it as well, she couldn’t open it too! Philly tried the back but it too would not budge open. What in the world was happening with her shop? Philly has no answer, but because this is her shop and a customer is here, she must fix this problem now. Escape players, Philly needs extra help here so she can open the doors and let her customer go, hopefully she won’t get a bad impression of this place, or this one might not return or tell her friends of the bad experience. Will you just help Philly here then in opening the doors and as calmly as you can?

Boutique Girl Escape is another new point-and-click shop escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Boutique Girl Escape

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