Bountiful Deer Escape

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There is this town located way deep in a place covered in cold and darkness, it’s not even in Santa’s route anymore but it was once really, but because there are more kids to deliver gifts for Christmas now, Santa just assigns a few of his deer to deliver gifts to the location and he placed a strong magic to it that when it arrives the gifts would then fly to the kids there in their respective houses. Santa is real sorry he can’t pass the area, for not only it is dangerous due to its location in the dark forest, it is also very secluded and huge time is needed just to get there, that’s why one night the deer arrives late but at least it was there now.

As the magic unleashes however, some dark creature came from the forest and it almost caught the deer! It ran and searched for refuge. It managed to and now it was safe, but little did it know that it’s trapped for the house it entered is not a very normal house at all, well normal at least to what it looks like. It’s a good thing you were around escape players and you saw everything! You need to get that deer out so it can return to Santa for it had already done its job. Free the creature and carefully so it won’t get harmed.

Bountiful Deer Escape is the new point and click animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.