Bizarre Villa Escape

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Something very bizarre is happening in the house the company have told Vivian to check, for the moment she entered the place she quickly noticed a strange aura and because she is sensitive to such things, she is really feeling it. But as a real estate agent though she must answer the call of duty first and right-now she must check the place so she can be ready for the clients in the next days when they come. As the day passes however as she was still in the place, the strange aura continues and she had to hold herself for at times she is getting overwhelmed, well eventually it manifested and for her at the moment, it is the worst thing that had happened!

Vivian is now trapped and that’s because the doors could not be opened no matter how she tried! Vivian strongly thinks that this something has a relation to the strange aura and she is not about to stay any longer in there now, the moment she is able to open the door she will definitely escape then, but that’s the problem though for she couldn’t. Escape players, want to help Vivian here escape the house before more things occurs? Find a way out through the rooms there and try not to damage anything as you go.

Bizarre Villa Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.