Baffle Doors Escape

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Noel is currently checking this house which was quite roomy and even then he is not suppose to get comfortable in the place, for he is currently investigating in it for it had been a base of operations of a number of criminals. It is mostly fraud, but Noel needs to see everything in its rooms, for all he knows there could be something hidden behind the walls here and he doesn’t want to miss that. But guess the house still have a little in its sleeves though, for as Noel was moving around in it, he discovered that all of the doors are now locked and he could no longer move further and back!

Noel considers this to be some kind of trap and if he is right, he must move even more carefully then for the next one might not be as gentle as this. Escape players, Noel needs to escape here and call in cavalry who specializes on this then, but he needs to find a way out first so he can request that reinforcements. Will you be able to help him escape even though it is currently hard to do so? Go ahead then, rest assured that Noel escapes safely.

Baffle Doors Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.