Pet Pig Escape Game

Pet Pig Escape

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Maurice is currently on the search for his missing pig and right-now he is in a real hurry, well that's because that pig of his is not really a typical one, for it has a consciousness of a human! At first of course Maurice got very uneasy when he had the animal which was a product of the mother pig under his care, it had bore a lot of piglets but one was very different though, so he had kept it well under his close supervision and as well as a secret, for if anybody finds-out about this animal then he'll probably lose it, he planned to give it up at first though but he somehow felt a connection with the piglet and he just can't let it go now. But that day when the piglet escaped, Maurice is definitely in a hurry for if somebody finds him then he'll really lose him.

Maurice is now in the town for he had searched high and low already in the nearby forest, he has a hunch he'll find him there and it's more reason he needs to hurry then. Escape players, will you help Maurice here find his runaway piglet before some person takes it?

Pet Pig Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.


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