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Bermuda Escape

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There are so many myths about this bermuda triangle. They say that once you pass this area, you will vanish forever. There are also many negative imaginations from this place. People say that this is a black hole that leads you nowhere. But all of their imaginations are wrong because you are right here in the bermuda. Their description is way too far from the reality. In fact, this place is such a beautiful place. The bermuda is actually a beautiful island but the sad thing about this place is that you are alone. This place is not in the map so nobody can rescue you. Because of this, you have to find your own way to escape from this place. There are clues which can help you to find your way out. However, there are puzzles that you need to solve before those clues show up.

You can't stay in this lonely place forever so you have to do your best to escape. You also have to gather items that you can see along the way. Those items can help you somehow so you have to pick those up. Play Bermuda Escape room escape game from Zoo Zoo Games and use your logic to escape. Best of luck!

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