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Escape From Super Market

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Being a mom is not easy. You have to cook the best thing for your family. So, you have to buy the freshest ingredients in this super market. Since you had your own family, you became so meticulous with everything that you are about to buy. This is a good thing for the wellness of your kids but this also burns a lot of time. Since you are so picky, you didn't notice that the supermarket is about to close. And by the time that you finished buying all the ingredients, the cashier is already out of order. But the worst thing is, the whole supermarket is already closed. Your children are waiting for you at home so you have to find a quick way to escape from this place.

You need clues which can help you to escape and you'll have to walk down every aisle if you have to. Since there are no guards around, it's safe to pick up any objects in this place. Then, you have to use your logic to use those objects properly. Escape From Super Market is another exciting point n' click room escape game from Top 10 New Games. Good luck and have fun!

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