Trouble In The Forest Game

Trouble In The Forest

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Right after you feet left the bus, you knew you were headed for trouble. You were a researcher for a facility in the city. However, staying there and just reading on the findings of others didn't suit you. So you scheduled for a visit in a forest to see the creatures for yourself. But your schedule moved to an earlier date. You were about to back out as you were not ready. Then again you knew you had to push through. A chance like this might not come around again. Despite the challenges, you reached the forest. But the uneasiness you felt was lingering all the time. You tried to take your mind off of it but it still made its way back. You looked at the path you were traveling on. It was getting farther and farther from your target area. That was when you confirmed your worry.

You stepped out of the bus and looked around. There was no one you could ask for directions. The map wasn't very clear and GPS didn't work. So you needed to find another way to get back to the forest where you should be heading. Play Trouble In The Forest outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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