Beast Halloween Escape

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Bill’s friend has this one friend who was living with him and it wasn’t at all normal, what’s weird about that is it gets very active during Halloween! This friend of his’ roommate is a furry beast which looks more like a monster than an animal! Well, it’s actually a monster and his friend would keep it locked inside a room there during the said time for it gets really active to the point that it actually becomes destructive.

That day it was once again Halloween, but Bill has a plan here for he thought the room where his friend keeps him in is not going to last long. Maybe keep him locked-up in the woods where Bill has a house there? He also has a really sturdy room there which he knows is strong enough to hold him. But first they all need to get him out of the room for he himself is not allowing anybody to get him out for he  doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Well this must be done so to ensure that he really won’t. Escape players, come and join in the escape game here, play as Bill and help him help his friend with their furry buddy.

Beast Halloween Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Beast Halloween Escape

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