Jelly Monster Escape

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Somebody missed class that day, and it was this differently looking kid and everyone knows that he did not come for he was very distinct. This kid was colored blue and his skin was jelly-like. He was never always like this though, he was once a normal kid but when the witch cursed him years ago, he was never the same again. Life goes on for him still and everyone still likes him for he was good, but he noticed that it had gone less though. Now back to the situation, his close-friend who was at school noticed his absence, and so he went to his home just to check on him. Little did his friend know that he was actually in some situation and he needs help right-now!

Escape players, you are the close-friend of this unique kid in the town and you are about to uncover what happened to him. Want to see what happened or what will happen and if you can ever help with whatever is it? Go ahead then, use your skills and logic on that for those will definitely be needed.

Jelly Monster Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Jelly Monster Escape

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