Dreadful Blue Monster Escape

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The witch who was once a resident of the castle near the village was now gone, but in her non-existence however she left something in the castle which was now the new resident there. The one that was left was this blue monster and even though it was created by the witch, this one was rather kind and joyful. But the villagers are primitive in thinking though, that’s why they thought of this blue monster as a threat and day by day, week by week, they harass the creature. That day even they really went too far with what they are doing.

Some men locked the monster inside the castle so it won’t be able to get out! As one of the few villagers who understand the monster, Christian knows that there is no evil in him and what the people are doing is really unfair here. Christian will help him for he knows that this monster was good and it has nothing to do with the evil deeds of the witch here. Escape players, Christian fears that they will set fire in this place for they are starting to lock the doors here, and even though they might just be testing this, Christian is going to snip this off from the bud. Will you help Christian here in freeing the monster in a room in the castle before something else happens to it?

Dreadful Blue Monster Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Dreadful Blue Monster Escape

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