Beard Man Escape Game

Beard Man Escape

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Beard Man Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by Avm Games for more dose of fun with us daily. Best of luck!

The luxurious apartment here in the city is pretty expensive, but Rina was a businesswoman so she had a lot of extras to come-by. The place is great and the rooms where fully-furnished, people can also file reports directly to the owner quickly, for he himself is living in the place top-floor. In-fact, Rina was living next to him and if she ever has queries about the room, it can be solved within the day. But that day however, the tables have turned and the owner of the apartment which everyone calls the beard man, needs help!

Rina heard scrambling from the beard man's room and when she asked what was going-on, she heard that the man actually got trapped in there and he can't get himself out no more! Poor guy, the apartment had a full-house that day, maybe that got him pretty busy and as a result he got careless which ultimately led him being trapped in his very own place. Escape players, Rina has to lend her aid for well he is the owner of the building and as a person, she needs to really help him. Care to join in and see if you can successfully make the rescue? Good luck then everyone and have fun!


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