Rescue The Girl From Old House Game

Rescue The Girl From Old House

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Rescue The Girl From Old House is another new point and click daring rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly for more adventures here with us. Good luck!

Agent France is on the trail for the girl who was another victim of the serial-criminal. That criminal has a signature of knocking unsuspecting girls who are just walking somewhere on the street and when they are out, that criminal brings them to a place and just keeps them bounded there. That guy must be stopped for who knows who he might victimize next! Luckily, France managed to locate the specific location of one of the girls he captured, now he is on the rescue mission and if he ever had a chance to catch the guy, he will most definitely do so.

The location is in an old house and there was definitely a girl bounded in there. That monster, but what separates the agent and the girl now are locked doors. Fortunately, there is no sign of that criminal anywhere, that'll make this rescue easy, but still one should not let his guard down or else it could be deadly. Escape players, care to join in on the rescue as well and see if you can all make it? Good luck then everyone and most definitely stay alert.

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