Barbarian King Rescue

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This barbarian king is unlike any other kings. He is active and he don’t like sitting around. In fact, he goes out of his palace every other day to meet the other kings. However, this king is not that famous. The king from the other kingdom doesn’t know him at all. He thought that the barbarian king will invade their kingdom so he ordered his knights to capture the barbarian king. The thing is, the barbarian king didn’t bring to many knight with him, just you. You didn’t have the chance to defend your barbarian king but you can do something to get him out of there. Only you can rescue the barbarian king so you have to do your best to help him to escape. You have to look for the key so you can open the door of this palace.

Or better yet, you must collect items that you can use to break the door open. Nobody has to get hurt. You came here in peace and in peace you will leave. Barbarian King Rescue is the newest room escape game by Fastrack Games. Play this point n’ click escape game and use your logic to rescue the king. Good luck!

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Walkthrough video for Barbarian King Rescue

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