Banana Fantasy Bird Escape Game

Banana Fantasy Bird Escape

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Banana Fantasy Bird Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule for more fun rescue attempts here in the wide banana farm. Have fun!

The banana farm near the start of the jungle is vast and it's like a forest of banana herbs growing in rows up to a distance. The farm is being manned by a few people to keep the place growing and producing more bananas for export. One of those workers in the place was Dan and in his years of taking-care of the bananas there, he saw one day that it's not only the workers here that is taking-care of the place, for there was also this bird which was not a natural occurrence who also does!

Dan had been seeing this weird colored bird and every-time it passes-by a banana plant, the thing then begins to bloom after a week. Dan thought of this could be a coincidence, but judging as to what he was seeing and no matter how he tells his friends about the bird, they just don't see it and sometimes he is being ridiculed for it. One other day, Dan just thought it could be his imagination and stuff, even though he knows deep in himself that it's real. He was working in the area when suddenly, he finally realize that this banana bird is definitely real, for he found the creature trapped in something which his friends set for the rats there! Dan seriously thought what he needs to do then, either to tell his friends about it and prove he is right? Or just free the banana bird so that the bananas can prosper with the help of it? Dan can easily open that cage and set it free, care to join in on the fantasy animal rescue with Dan escape players and see if you can all get the bird out safely? Go ahead then and good luck!


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