Jungle Forest Escape 2 Game

Jungle Forest Escape 2

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You are on your African tour and Africa is rich in Jungle Forest. You went to the coastal jungles of West Africa. Your tour guide is very specific with the guidelines. He gave emphasis with no flash photography. You need to follow the rules although all of the plants and animals are picture worthy. You were following the trail of your tour guide when a wildflower caught your attention. Then, you took a picture of it, with no flash of course. When you  looked above, you saw a monkey hanging on the tree. You secretly took a picture of it but your camera flashed accidentally. The monkey was clearly not happy with this. It started to follow and attack you. The worse part is, you lost the trail of your tour guide.

You can't find your way out of the jungle forest.  Use your logic to escape from the forest. There are clues that you can discover  in the perimeter. There are also items that you can collect and make it as an escape tool. Discover the place and solve this outdoor escape game. Jungle Forest Escape 2 is a brand new game developed by Meena Games. Good luck and have fun!

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