Escape The Sugar Glider Game

Escape The Sugar Glider

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Try your best to rescue a not-so typical animal here in the lush forest. Escape The Sugar Glider is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by WoW Escape. Have Fun!

The national forest park here is a sanctuary for sugar gliders and it's hard to keep them safe daily, for sugar gliders have a high demand in the black-market and poachers tends to push their luck in the forest sanctuary there. The place really needs to be cordoned and guarded heavily if they want to save this place from those nature destroyers. That day, Jet was pretty new on his job there as a forest ranger and he already had his first code-red situation!

Jet realized that some of the sugar gliders he is taking-care of and observing in the forest just got victimized by some poachers and it's definitely not good! The only person in the area was Jet for it's his rounds and when he saw the troubled sugar glider, he immediately radioed but unfortunately, he experienced another problem for his radio won't comply. Escape players, Jet here is experiencing a ton of problems at the moment, but he is still going to try and rescue the sugar glider alone, care to join in with him and see if you can all do this? Go ahead then, stay alert, and good luck!

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