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Avatar World Escape

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By the use of modern technology, Jake was able to get himself in a world where he will live as an avatar and currently, he permanently lives in the place for his real persona had already passed long ago. That day, it was another hunting expedition into the jungles of the floating islands and because the air there is pretty thin, none of them brought their flying raptors for they could not sustain flight there, but one of Jake's abilities now is being able to breathe in thin air as long as he doesn't move too much. Jake was now in the smaller floating islands stalking a prey which keeps eluding him, that's when he saw a very different sight and one he had never expected to see ever!

Jake saw a person on one of the islands and he thought then, was he hallucinating due to the thin air? That's impossible now for his new body can live in the most harsh conditions possible. So this might mean that there is really a guy standing there! Jake didn't know how that guy got to where he was and how he is keeping up knowing that the air is thin and he should already be down. Jake must still get to the guy and maybe he needs help or something. Escape players, looks like Jake here has a new adventure on his hands, would you help him out in rescuing the guy and see what you can all uncover?

Avatar World Escape is another new point and click wilderness rescue escape game made by Games 4 Escape.

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