Find The Inspection Book Game

Find The Inspection Book

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Harvey is now pulling an overtime at the small lab where he works for he was told to find an inspection book which was needed by the boss. Well the room is not exactly empty and there is a lot of things there that have piled, who knows where that book is. His co-workers have already left and he then felt abandoned. Harvey doesn't want to disappoint his boss so he'll have to find it as quickly as he can now. Harvey thinks he can find it at some point for he had already scoured half of the room and he is bound to find that book now, but another problem happened and it stopped him from his task!

Harvey noticed that he is trapped in the room and the worst part about it is he can't get any help for he is alone there! It could be that his co-workers accidentally locked the place with him still inside? Very likely, now how he is going to do this? There are two problems in his hands now and he needs to solve this. Escape players, want to help out and see if you can find the all important book which Harvey is trying to find?

Find The Inspection Book is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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