Angry Boy Escape (8b Games)

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Thank you for checking-out the game here escape players, have fun! Angry Boy Escape is a daring point and click indoor rescue escape game developed by 8b Games for more fun escapes plus a rescue with us.

The boy who has an anger issue is one of Zen’s patience and she had done all sorts of things to treat the boy’s psychological problem for sometimes it can be very destructive to the people around him as well as himself. On that day, Zen planned to visit the boy in his home so she can implement another activity which the boy can get his mind into, but as she got to the place, Zen faced a problem and it’s kind of weird to her as well as concerning.

The home was empty but the doors were open, Zen continued to proceed while calling for anyone and there she discovered that the boy she was treating, was actually trapped in one of the rooms in the house and nobody is there to help him! Zen needs to do something here and that is first to get the boy out so she can get some answers what’s really going-on. Escape players, care to try the rescue adventure here with Zen and see if you can all get the boy out safely? Good luck then and stay alert for you don’t know what else is here. Have fun!

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