Find Angry Gorilla

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Martin is in a very dangerous mission here, for he was called to get this angry gorilla of theirs back to the facility for it escaped and is currently in a room in this random house hiding. This gorilla retrieval is already dangerous if the gorilla was just a normal one, but this wasn’t a normal one, for it was a very angry animal for the facility did something to it.

Escape players, Martin must do this retrieval as calmly as he can for he cannot afford to get hurt or worst on this task. At least this mission was a little safer now, for it was just to get the gorilla out of the house and the capture will just be done outside. Will you be able to do that and hopefully nobody gets hurt?

Find Angry Gorilla is the newest point-and-click animal retrieval escape game created by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Find Angry Gorilla

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