Boxer Boy Escape Game

Boxer Boy Escape

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Boxer Boy Escape is a daring point and click indoor rescue escape game developed by 8b Games! Enjoy more fun escape adventures here and enjoy the rescue attempt as well.

Alex could not get his mind off of the boxer boy who was quite a powerful player and that is exactly what's bothering him. So that day, Alex went to the boxer boy's home so he can challenge him for a fair match that week, but as he enters the place, he easily could for the doors were actually opened, he realized upon entering that the boxer was actually trapped in one of his rooms and he could not get himself out!

That's pretty weird, but the opened door already gave Alex the idea that's something might be going-on here and it could be worst. Alex needs to help the boxer escape from his entrapment so he can get some answers from him on what had happened, care to try the rescue adventure here escape players and see if you can get the boxer out? Use the best of your skills and logic then, see it that you get the boxer out and safely. Good luck everyone, don't forget to have fun!

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