Amazon Jungle Fun Escape Game

Amazon Jungle Fun Escape

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Thank you for checking-out the game here escape players, enjoy! Amazon Jungle Fun Escape is a daring point and click wilderness escape game developed by Fun Escape Games for more dose of fun escapes with us daily.

The Amazon wilderness is far from dead, but it will be if industrialization and a change in climate catch-up to it soon. As a person who has a concern for mother Earth more than man-made things, Jerry came to the said jungle just to see how it's doing, he only wants to inspect a certain part of the place and not the entire thing, that'll take a thousand years to accomplish, just the conserved area if he must. Everything was wild and lush in the place where Jerry checked, and it was even great than he had expected, but something happened there which got him quickly concerned of himself other than the jungle.

Jerry got lost in the Amazon jungle and the more he continues to find his way out, he gets even more lost! He needs to find his way back now as quickly as he can before it gets dark or rather something finds him, he just hopes it's the jungle rangers. Escape players, care to try the wilderness escape adventure here with Jerry and see if you can all make it out of the place? Good luck then everyone, enjoy with us everyday!

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