Amazon Lion Forest Escape

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This patch of forest here in the amazon is a reserve for lions. The area has lush parts and cleared ones like in Africa where they naturally live. This place is more like a back-up in case something happens with the lions of Africa, and right-now Darby is there trying to study them and how they are doing. At first everything was going well and Darby is learning a lot, but some problem happened there and now her welfare is at risk!

Darby seems to be lost in the wilderness and judging from what she knows, she could be in the heart of this reserve! Darby is a long way from the exit of this place or from any base camp then, she should have turned back when she noticed that the area she is traversing is not getting easy to pass through, but she got a little ignorant there and now she is in this trouble. Escape players, you are in the shoes of Darby here and you are in this situation, will you be able to escape this forest and most certainly safely? Stay clear from the lions then as you find your way back, for they are not tamed.

Amazon Lion Forest Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Amazon Lion Forest Escape

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