Afraid Little Girl Escape Game

Afraid Little Girl Escape

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Come and try this rescue adventure here escape players, may you rescue a girl here who is terrified. Afraid Little Girl Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue game created by 8b Games for another dose of fun with us!

Lily had always known that the house where she often babysits a girl was haunted and because she is kind of a super ignorant person mostly, she really payed no attention to the things she keeps seeing in the corners of her eyes. But that's until one day something weird happened there as she went on another babysitting session in the place. The girl's parents had just left, but when they were both alone in the place, Lily somehow noticed that the kid seems to be uneasy, and it just got worst after a few hours have passed.

The little girl really got scared of something and as a result, she had locked herself in her room and she wouldn't open the door! Lily is sensing that presence too, but she knows if she gives it attention, the haunting is only going to get worst, that's why she needs to get the girl out of her room now so they can leave the place to safety. Escape players, want to join Lily here as she rescues the girl she is babysitting as quickly as possible? Try not to pay attention to the things you will see here.

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