Halloween Witch Cauldron Escape

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Nolan really regretted coming there in the so called cauldron’s witch forest, for now he is lost and couldn’t find his way out! The place is said to be the most daring and not easy one to go to, for people have said there is actually a witch living there somewhere, some people have seen her and even came across her, some were not fortunate to escape but some were able to live and tell the tale. But Nolan there is starting to get convinced that something is indeed living here, for he is beginning to see some things chasing him!

The said forest indeed looks like a cauldron of a witch here, for there is green mist surrounding the place and boiling mud, it really does look and feel like a bowl brewing something, and that’s why Nolan must escape now for he is feeling a bit nauseated by the fumes here. Escape players, Nolan doesn’t have anybody to come and save him, that’s why he is going to need your help here to get out. Will you be able to aid Nolan and quickly before this rumored witch finally catches-up to him?

Halloween Witch Cauldron Escape is another new point and click scary wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Witch Cauldron Escape

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