Aesthetic House Escape Game

Aesthetic House Escape

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The old house in the old town have been well preserved, that's because the beauty of it have stayed even though it had been built 150 years ago! It seems untouched, well it had been for years for the noble who had lived in there did not continue to live in the place when the war broke-out, in response the imperial kingdom took the place back and just kept it right there standing and collecting dust. For years nobody had lived in there up until the present day, now the place is being preserved by experts for its heritage and old designs. That day, Niko was one of the experts checking the place and he is alone at the moment for he is only just performing follow-up checks on all sorts of things in the place, maybe he'll find some hidden treasure there or something. Well that day he won't, but he'll come to find something inconvenient though.

Niko came across a problem for somehow when he wanted to get himself out of there, he couldn't! Why? Well the doors would not open on him and it's weird for those doesn't even have locks! But why wouldn't they open? Niko could not destroy the doors too or do anything that can damage it so he can escape for everything there is quite antique. Escape players, you are Niko here now in this situation and is trying to escape, will you be able to without using brute force?

Aesthetic House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by WoW Escape.

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  1. Date: January 30, 2021
    Author: b165042407
    By the way, I figured out why the current WoW games do not work on many sites. It's just that they have an address via https, and the certificate is invalid. [Reply]
    • Date: January 30, 2021
      Author: Escaper Joe
      Sadly WowEscape do not have SSL at all. [Reply]
  2. Date: February 5, 2021
    Author: angelnbean05
    Anyone know where I can play the current wow games that will allow me to use the flash theater option? [Reply]
    • Date: February 5, 2021
      Author: Escaper Joe
      Did you tried different browsers? I know that Firefox showing warning. For me their games was loading in Chrome. At the moment I see that their games not loading at all, maybe their server is overloaded. [Reply]

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