Escape From Aesthetic Carnival

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This carnival which arrived in town is quite the aesthetic place, it is a bit scary though but it seems to be able to conjure fantasies to people and they are illusion-like. One of the persons who went there was Benson who lives in the neighborhood nearby. He saw the place a bit fun, but the moment he went deeper in there though things became different.

Benson got lost in the carnival and now no matter how he tried to get back to where he needs to be, he keeps on returning in one place there which was a bit dark. Escape players, Benson is on guard now even when he is not feeling too good. Would you like to help him escape before the place gets the better of him?

Escape From Aesthetic Carnival is a brand new point-and-click eerie escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Aesthetic Carnival

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