Adorable Blue Seal Escape

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The absolutely rare blue seals are beaching in this area here where the town is. They rest there every year when they make their migration, but in recent years though they are starting to dwindle in numbers and they just get even rarer. That day however Jimmy actually found one! But he is definitely mystified where he found it though, for it was inside a house near his home there!

At first Jimmy heard this wailing sound coming from inside a neighboring house which was not occupied. It was so severe that Jimmy went-out of his way just to check whatever is making it. That’s when he found the blue seal and it was struggling to escape! Jimmy is going to have to rescue it for this blue seal is very rare and it needs to return to the wild where it belongs. Escape players, imagine you are now Jimmy here, will you be able to free this blue seal and delicately? For who knows how long this one have been trapped in there. He doesn’t even know if this was an accident or somebody actually did this.

Adorable Blue Seal Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Adorable Blue Seal Escape

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