Adept Goodly Cat Escape

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A beautiful orange cat just roams around the village joyfully and nobody really bothers with it. But Angelica however who was able to see the auras of things, can see that this animal was not at all normal, something is different about it and that’s why Angelica observes this cat daily for the things it does and maybe she can finally have a clue what this cat really is. And that day she finally came to witness something, but it’s not really that good however, still she finally had the reason to get to it though so she went.

The cat was once again roaming around the place, but it got trapped in some sort of contraption there and now it is struggling to escape! Angelica quickly went to it then and tried to get it out, but she couldn’t for she doesn’t have the tools for this and her strength was not enough to pry the thing open. Escape players, Angelica needs a little help here in freeing the cat which got trapped. Will you just help her here so she can get it out delicately? Maybe she can just take care of the thing then so she can keep it safe and observe it closely.

Adept Goodly Cat Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Adept Goodly Cat Escape

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