Golden Fort Wall Escape

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Jude knows very well that if he enters the golden fort which was mostly off-limits to people, there will be no rescue coming for him if something happens, that’s because nobody is courageous enough to even go in there. But Jude was definitely curious of the place though and he can no longer help it but to really go there. And so he prepared himself by gathering all the gear that he needed and proceeded to the entrance of the place which was just a lone house. That place is the start of the fort and once he get passed it, any decision of returning will slowly become too late. And so off Jude goes not knowing what’s ahead of him there.

Jude enters the fort and everything there as what is said to be, golden! There were random items just around and he thought maybe he can get these things and bring it outside just to show to the people? But that decision was bad though, for when he touched an item there, something just happened and now he could no longer get out of the place! It was a darn trap! And now, the entrances and exits have been sealed. Jude is going to need some help here now to escape, but as stated before he will never be able to get any help if he enters. But there you are escape players, will you help Jude here then by solving some puzzles and even use some items there in-order to escape? Be careful in touching things there then, for the last time Jude did that this happened.

Golden Fort Wall Escape is the newest point and click old complex escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Golden Fort Wall Escape


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