Abandoned Mine Escape (Mirchigames) Game

Abandoned Mine Escape (Mirchigames)

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Your parents' anniversary was coming up and you wanted to give them couple rings. Your father's ring wouldn't fit in his finger anymore. You could just actually buy from the jewelry store. However, you wanted to make your gift extra special. But first, you had to search for the gold. Then go to a shop where you could make a custom ring. You were also planning to go to a shop where you could make a custom box. Yet you could only get to those parts after you found yourself some gold. You searched the internet for a place where you could find the gold yourself. You already sat in front of the computer for half a day with no luck. Then you remembered your friend who used to work in a mine. His workplace closed after a little accident and they didn't return ever since.

However, your friend mentioned to you that there were still some gold  there. It must be the perfect abandoned mine for you to start your search. You didn't let your friend know about your plan. He would surely stop you. So you went there alone. Play Abandoned Mine Escape (Mirchigames) room escape game by Mirchigames.

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