Escape From Beauty Parlour Game

Escape From Beauty Parlour

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You always wanted to color your hair. However, in your profession, anything out of the ordinary wasn't allowed. You had to stick to your original colored hair and stay away from finger nail polish. You couldn't freely express yourself. Then vacation came. You worked up the courage to stay away from your work norms for two months. You endured the serious looks from your parents. But you really wanted to try it out. So you walked into a beauty parlor. It was your first time being there. Yet the people inside were so kind and accommodating. You couldn't help but smile at the mini quest you were having. Since you didn't know much about hair colors, you asked them what would look good on you. They gave you some suggestions while asking about your preferred color. Then they left for a while to come up with the right color.

You got so caught up with looking through the different styles in the magazine. They inspired to try out more stuffs. However, you realized that the people inside hadn't returned yet. So you looked at the back of the room. But they were no longer there. Play Escape From Beauty Parlor room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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