Abandoned Hostel Escape (KNF Games) Game

Abandoned Hostel Escape (KNF Games)

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For two consecutive nights, you keep on dreaming about random stuffs. You don't really think about the stuffs you're dreaming about. It seems like they just enter your mind silently to give you a preview of something. It doesn't bother you as the connection usually is just by bits. But it seems like tonight is different. You're very sleepy since you worked hard this afternoon. However, you still have some tasks to finish before hitting the bed. So you fight through the drowsiness to finish them. You can manage to keep your eyes open for a few minutes only. After that, you're slowly sinking on your chair. Your body is begging you to sleep. But your mind wants to finish everything for a more peaceful sleep. So this battle continues until something startles you. You look around and can't recognize the place you're in. It's abandoned.

But your mind is still healthily functioning and it informs you that you're inside a dream. You smile as you know that dreams can sometimes be manipulated. But your smile slightly lessens as you think of how to control dreams. It's not a fairy tale type of dream but a thrilling one. Play Abandoned Hostel Escape (KNF Games) room escape game by Knf Games.

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