Abandoned Mansion Escape (Mirchi Games) Game

Abandoned Mansion Escape (Mirchi Games)

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Doors. You're surrounded by doors that should lead somewhere but always get you nowhere. The way you entered this place is through a door as well. You're walking around a theme park when you thought it would be fun to take pictures of doors. So you stopped at each door you find to take a picture. Sometimes you posed like you're knocking. Other times like you're eavesdropping. You seemed to have been through all the doors in the area. Then one door caught your eyes. You're pretty sure you've never been here before. So you set you camera to make sure to get the right angle. But as you were leaning on the door, it opened and you stumbled backward. When you found your sense of balance, you're in a different room. You thought it was just another part of the park. But no happy songs can be heard anymore.

Then you found more doors at the distance. You walked up to each door to check if one of them opens. But you need to do more than just turning the knob. You slowly took notice of the clues scattered around the place. Play Abandoned Mansion Escape (Mirchi Games) room escape game by Mirchi Games.

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