Abandoned Camp Escape Game

Abandoned Camp Escape

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The abandoned camp isn't really an abandoned place, everyone just calls it that for they want the place to be dramatic. The camp opens every summer and it becomes quite lively, people moving in and out from the various houses there and different activities are being commenced in the place. But as a person who lives quite near the area, Wilson often comes to the area alone with his golf-cart for he has secret accesses and the master of the grounds have asked him to take a look at the camp from time to time during off season, but that day however as he checks the place out, he had lost his keys to the cart and he really can't leave without it!

The sun had already set and it's getting Wilson very concerned, it seems he can't find the keys now and he might camp in there for the night. No way! The camp is scary when one is alone and he decided to really find the keys before the night gets even deeper. Escape players, the camp is not safe during the off seasons, will you help Wilson here with his problem in the camp through the darkness of the night?

Try this escape adventure everyone in the great outdoors. Abandoned Camp Escape is a brand new point and click location escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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