Forest Camp Escape

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Tim woke-up and found himself alone in the camp, that’s very weird for he remembers camping with a number of his friends last-night, but none of them were there in the tent houses they propped up. What’s weird was it is early in the morning and he knows that a lot of his friends who were with him are not really morning person types, but they all got up first than him who was an early bird. But still there is a possibility that they all woke-up early and went swimming in the nearby lake without him, but why without him?

Tim doesn’t have all the answers here at the moment for this was still too shady and mysterious for him. Okay then he’ll have to leave the camping grounds then to find-out, but he needs to find his key first so he can unlock the gate which encloses the camp for it’s locked at the moment. Escape players, Tim is still very much confused here, but eager to find-out what is really happening. Want to help him find this key so he’ll finally be able to?

Forest Camp Escape is a new outdoors area escape game developed by 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Forest Camp Escape

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