Winter Home Escape Game

Winter Home Escape

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The winter house is still taking-in some customers even though Christmas had already passed and even new year! What was the place still standing for? Probably looking for a person who can beat its record or something? Well Maureen decided that she'll break that record of the fastest person who ever escaped from the place and maybe the escape house will give-up, for they have then found a new record even if it's after Christmas. Maureen knows that the place is just simple enough and is able to keep the cold winter out, but the escape challenge wasn't such however, it's going to be a bit difficult and Maureen is going to face it all head-on.

Maureen is now in the winter house with Christmas decorations and the challenge is on! Escape players, care to join Maureen here on this escape adventure in a house specifically built for an escape through the holidays? Find hidden clues behind the decorations there then, manipulate such things and see if those can really help you on the escape from there quickly.

Check-out this escape adventure through the cold holidays everyone! Winter Home Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 4 Escape.

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