Abandoned Amusement Park Escape Game

Abandoned Amusement Park Escape

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Your favorite variety show performs some of their mission on an amusement park after it has closed for the day. They have the whole park to themselves for running and hiding. You really like the lights and sounds of the park during operating hours. But you also want to experience it at night where no one else is around. It would be amazing if the rides are still going on even if you're alone but that would be too impossible. So instead, you look for abandoned amusement parks. You feel like they can give the same vibe and excitement the players feel in the variety show. But you still need permission to enter the park. You look around and spot a guard. His uniform looks way too old that nobody in this age is wearing it. But he must be going for the theme of the place.

You ask him if you can enter the park and he immediately replies yes. He said they have been waiting for a long time for someone to visit the park. You find him a bit weird but you can't pass on the chance to explore the place. His uniform should have been a warning for you. Play Abandoned Amusement Park Escape room escape games by WoW Escape.

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