National Park Escape Game

National Park Escape

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You never imagined you'll be leaving your home town for work. For the past few years, your friends were leaving one by one to search for greener pastures. However, you were deeply grounded in your city. You loved the simple life and the familiarity of the place. You kept on seeing their pictures and the foreign place they were in. But surprisingly, you couldn't imagine yourself being with them. So your life continued in you city. Then an opportunity came. It was an invitation to work for your dream facility. You were a researcher. And you always wanted to be a part of a research team. Yet it meant leaving your home town. You didn't want to miss the opportunity and your family was supportive of your decision. The following week, you found yourself in a new town. It has a national park.

This national park served as a home for some of the species you were assigned to monitor. So your week was mostly be spent in the park. However, despite this, you just couldn't get enough of it beauty. This made your work a whole lot lighter. But you may have missed important information regarding its path that you lost your way inside. Play National Park Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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