Annabelle 2 Secret Memory Game

Annabelle 2 Secret Memory

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Everybody knows Annabelle and everyone knows that she is not friendly at all. She's maybe the creepiest doll in the world and seems like everybody is afraid of her. However, you don't include yourself from those people. You are so brave and you know that you can beat her by any means. You also want to end her sorcery so you went to the forest to find her. After just a few minutes you finally found her. She just smiled at you knowing that you can't do anything about her power. The thing is, you know something about her secret memory. In her secret memory, there is a way to beat her and that is to solve all the puzzles in the forest. If you could solve all those puzzles in time, her curse will be over and the good will conquer.

You have to end this evilness so you have to do everything to solve those puzzles. There are clues which can help you to finish all the puzzles but you still have to use your logic. Annabelle 2 Secret Memory is the newest outdoor escape game from Free Room Escape. Play this point n' click escape game and try to escape as fast as you can. Best of luck!

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