White Room Escape (365 Escape) Game

White Room Escape (365 Escape)

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Darkness is your ultimate fear. That's what you know until you went inside the white room. From there, you realized that darkness is not your only fear. Instead, you are also afraid of the light. Everything is colorless and you are afraid of it. This is what you discovered from your first few minutes in the room. You feel like the world is so dull if the colors are only black and white. It also feels unhappy. You want to see more colors as soon as possible. However, that would not be possible if you can't find your way out from there. The walls and ceiling has no color except white. There is probably a rainbow outside so you have to look for items that you can use to unlock the door.

But even though nothing is inside this room besides white, there are still clues which can help you out. Don't miss out the chance to see the colors of the rainbow so you have to be quick. Play White Room Escape (365 Escape) room escape game from 365 Escape and think of a fast way to open the door. Logic is very important for you to complete this puzzle. Good luck and have fun!


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