Secret Trail

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Your eyes always light up when you hear the word gold. It’s like you turn into one of the zombies when they get the gold power-up. However, you don’t see gold as a means of getting rich. You simply like the way it looks. And you can’t get enough of it. But you also can’t keep on buying it. It costs a lot and you also need to live. So you just take a look at the gold on the window of jewelry shops and promise yourself to acquire it someday. There are times when your love for gold is stronger than ever. At times like this, you would walk around unfamiliar places and focus your attention on details. You would take note of the number of kinds of plants present. Sometimes you would also count the insects you can find just to get your mind off of gold.

But today, as you try to forget about gold, you discover a secret trail. You’re very curious as to where it leads to so you follow it. Along the path, you can see bits of gold and instantly, you know there are a lot more at the end of the path. However, you need to pass the challenges first. Play Secret Trail outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.