Zombie Escape (8B Games) Game

Zombie Escape (8B Games)

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You never imagined this day would come. Zombies are now natural and getting rid of them is like getting rid of pests. Scientists were busy concocting chemicals that can get stop their proliferation and it was so effective. Now only few zombies left. And researchers took them in. You are one of those researchers. And although you don't like seeing them being dragged around and made tests on, you have to do it. Then one night, while walking along an alley, you saw a zombie. It turned into a corner and when it came out, it looked like a normal human being. You didn't want to suspect him for anything so you just observed from afar. Then the person showed tell-tale signs of being a zombie. And your suspicions are slowly getting more and more accurate.

You hurried towards the side of the zombie to spill some chemicals on it. But it just looked at you and asked if you were alright. You stumbled back and asked for an apology and ran back to the lab. You need to find a reason for this but you also need a zombie for your experiments. So you went to the cemetery but challenges await you. Play Zombie Escape (8B Games) outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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