Fantasy Graveyard Escape Game

Fantasy Graveyard Escape

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For the past few months, you'd been hearing various scary stories about a graveyard. These stories started surfacing when your friend got caught up in the rain. He was near the graveyard and he couldn't find any place to find shelter from the rain. So he looked for at least a tree and stayed there for a while trying to contact his friends. But instead, he accidentally clicked the camera icon. It opened into a selfie and what he saw in the screen surprised him. There was another face staring from behind his head. In his panic, he ran away from the graveyard. He set his phone to send videos or pictures to his FB account automatically. People saw his video and started sharing it to everyone they knew. You received a notification as well so you went to your friend to confirm it.

He was still uncomfortable talking about it. But you managed to get some information from him. You couldn't just ignore mysteries when they were staring at you. So you went to visit the graveyard yourself  to check on your friend's story. But someone must not want you to be out as you found yourself trapped. Play Fantasy Graveyard Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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