Zombie Escape

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Zombie Escape – Xtra Gamingz game has arrived. It has an zombies theme as you can see in the title. Imagine one day you were working in your office when suddenly your phone rang. It was your wife who informed you that she had been elected to the worker of the year in her firm and the prize was a whole week long journey to the countryside with one additional person. So when you arrived home you immediately started to pack your stuff and were ready to leave. When you arrived to the hotel you realized it was situated next to a graveyard. At night after you finished your dinner you returned to your room to rest and regain strenght for the hike which was due the next day. Getting into the bed you heared strange noises coming from the cemetery. You set out to check what was going on and entered to this scary place. Suddenly you glanced a zombie standing next to a tree and you started to run out. Reaching the entrance appallingly you found it locked. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out. Have fun!