Astronomers Room Escape Game

Astronomers Room Escape

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Astronomers Room Escape is another good escape the room game released by Yotreat. Imagine you are an eager amateur astronomer who had been worked for a company which dealt with observing planets far away from the Earth, then sending spaceships into their surface to examine it. One day you fell out with your boss on a project because you proposed a still unknown planet must had been discovered but he refused your plan. You decided to quit from the company in order to fulfil your dream with another firm which was willing to spend money on this. You went home that day after the sun set and started to scrutinize the sky to spot the perfect planet and make some photo about it to prove your truth. You managed to do it and were ready to leave immediately to hand it to your new boss. When you turned down the latch of the door somewhy you found it locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Have fun!



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