Wood House Escape (8b Games) Game

Wood House Escape (8b Games)

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This was your first time to organize a party by yourself. Your friends were offering their help but you wanted to work on it alone. Also you wanted to surprise them with dishes you cooked yourself. They all knew you as someone who shouldn't be in the kitchen. But you secretly studied cooking and baking. You practiced hard to make sure that you'd only serve them delicious meals. Your parents and other family members were the ones who consumed your practice meals. The comments were getting better and better until they gave you their praises. That was when you knew you were ready for a party. You wanted this party to be special. So a special place should house it. You searched the internet to find a wooden house. The ambiance was good and you felt it would be perfect for your first party ever.

Aside from the food, you also worked on the other details. You wanted your friends to just enjoy the party and leave everything else to you. And so your friends left everything to you even after the party. Exhaustion got you that you fell asleep. You forgot about the time limit for the place. Upon waking up, the house was already closed with you still inside it. Play Wood House Escape (8b Games) room escape game by 8b Games.

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